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Automatic Hydraulic Waulnt Oil Press YZW/S

  • Pot diameter(mm): 420
  • Hydraulic pressure(bar): up to 450
  • Pressure on mass(bar): up to 450
  • Motor power(kw): 5.5+7.5

Product Description:

Applied range:The cold pressing process of woody oil crops with high oil content such as walnuts, almonds, almonds, macadamia nuts, flaxseeds, etc. and the cold pressing process of pellets of oil crops that need to be cold pressed at a low temperature so as not to destroy the raw protein components.

Input material:granule or powdery solid.

Pressing process: According to the material characteristics and technological process,use two kinds of technology that slurry fluid press and granular solids pressing.

Technical advantages:

· Automatic press pots hydraulic oil press adapt horizontal squeeze pots.charging system and pressing system adapt independent press pots,the oil way improve on the end face oil.Shorter oil path,higher oil yield efficiency. 

· Automatic press pots  hydraulic oil press adapt unique combined metal mesh filter structure,Under the premise of not using filter cloth,it can realize automatic filtration.

·Hydraulic system of the automatic press pots  hydraulic oil press adapt  International leading hydraulic pump valve system. System pressure up to 450Bar.Material pressure up to 450Bar,high work pressure and unique end face oil ,Solid-liquid separation of materials is more thorough.

·Electronic control system of the  automatic press pots  hydraulic oil press adapt intelligent PLC control system . input material、press、out of cake and  broken link those all could realize Intelligent automatic operation .

·High efficiency,save labor:one person can operate  multiple machines,The maximum processing capacity of a single machine is about 10 tons per day.

Technical Data
Pot diameter(mm)420420420420420
Piston diameter(mm)420420420420420
Hydraulic pressure(bar)up to 450
Pressure on the material mass(bar)up to 450
Size(length x width x height in mm)3450*1500*17004150*1600*17005450*1600*17006350*1600*17007250*1600*1700
Total weight(kg)850013000153001770021200
Motor power(kw)
Hourly capacity(kg/h)406080100120

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