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Hydraulic Sesame Oil Press YZL

  • Hydraulic pressure(bar): up to 600
  • Pressure on the material mass(bar): up to 486
  • Motor power(kw): 2.2
  • Hourly capacity(kg/h): up to 100

Press rage:

·The cold pressing woody oil plant: walnuts、alomnds、almonds、pine nuts、macadimia nuts、flaxseed,etc.

·The hot pressing oil-bearing crops:gingeli、peanuts、helianthus annuus、corn germs、wheat germs、evening primrose seed,etc.

·The hot pressing condiments and traditional Chinese medicine: prickly ash seeds、hemp seeds、mustard seeds、safflower seeds、perilla,etc

Product feature:

·Good grease,pure physical pressing, no temperature is generated during cold pressing, the organic components that do not destroy the oil, low impurity content, high pie value、wide range of applications.

·High oil yield: The company's self-developed variable-gap barrel technology has higher oil yield

·Portable and efficient: Mechatronics Design、high degree of automation、exquisite appearance、easy to operate(one person can operate 3-4 units)

·Safe and reliable:run smoothly、low failure rate、long working life.

Technical Data
Piston diameter(mm)195220270270
Material box Size diamter*height(mm)235*510270*510300*505325*505
Hydraulic pressure(bar)600600600600
Pressure on the material mass(bar)409398486414
Size(length x width x height mm)1000*970*14201180*1000*16001200*1150*15501250*1200*1550
Total weight(kg)1150145017601820
Motor power(kw)
Hourly capacity(kg/h)506585100


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