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Sesame Colloid grinder

  • Capacities [kg / hr]: 70-3000kg or 300-12000kg
  • Fineness(um): 80-100um or 165-198um
  • Motor Power(kw): 1.1/1.5-37/45


Sesame colloid grinder machine is mainly composed of grinding parts, base transmission parts, motor parts three parts, Parts in touching with the material using high-quality stainless steel, static and dynamic grinding is a key component of this machine, according to the different materials, grinding the tooth profile is also different. motor according to the needs of colloid mill special design, and in the motor flange cover to install retaining disk, to prevent leakage.

Sesame colloid grinder machine Use Range:

all kinds of nut type:peanut butter, sesame tahini and so on.

Technical Data
TypeFineness(um)Capacity(kg/h)Motor power(kw)Dimension (mm)Weight (kg)
CMCG-780-100um or 165-198um70-3001.1/1.5530×260×58070
CMCG-1580-100um or 165-198um150-6004680×380×930210
CMCG-3080-100um or 165-198um300-18007.5750×450×1000280
CMCG-8080-100um or 165-198um800-500018.5/221000×480×1150450
CMCG-30080-100um or 165-198um3000-1200037/451330×650×13001000


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