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Screw Peanut Oil Press

  • Motor power(kw): 1.5-30
  • Voltage(v): 220/380
  • Hourly capacity(kg/h): up to 400

Technical advantages:

1.It can squeeze a variety of raw materials.

2.Three-section press chamber ,higher output,faster oil output.

3.The oil press is not restricted by the climate and is suitable for all seasons in the east,west,south,and north. Because the oil pan device adopts a heating control system, it can automatically adjust the temperature of the crude oil according to the ambient temper to achieve the effect of rapid fine filtration.

4.The body is equipped with a vacuum filtration system,which increases the capacity and easily filters the oil without repeated operations.

5.The design is scientific,the structure is reasonable ,the operation is simple,the operation is safe and stable,and the fully automatic device is adopted.It only takes a few minutes from feeding to finished product at one time. 

Technical Data
Motor power(kw)1.5415223037
Hourly capacity(kg/h)15-2040-50120-150230-280300-350350-400
Size(length x width x height in mm)700*700*10001000*1000*12501750*1550*17002600*1800*18002600*1800*18002600*1800*1800
Total weight(kg)145256920120017001700


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