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Waulnt Pre-Treating

  • CL1 Capacities [kg / hr]: 500 – 4.000
  • CL2 Capacities [kg / hr]: 4.000 – 6.000
  • CL3 Capacities [kg / hr]: 6.000 – 10.000
  • CL4 Capacities [kg / hr]: 10.000 – 15.000
  • CL5 Capacities [kg / hr]: 15.000 – 22.000

Coarse cleaning (high capacities)
Bean storage
Fine cleaning (1 – 6 tons per hour)
Separation of foreign material (< 0,7 cm and > 2,5 cm)
Material > 2,5 cm: Clusters, Wood, Brick, Nails, Bones (big impurities)
Material < 0,7 cm:  Dust, Sand, Shell (small impurities)
Light Material: Strings, Shell


The bean cleaning system, consists of several units: de-bagging, coarse cleaning, intermediate bean storage and fine cleaning. Several tailor-made solutions are available for feeding the cocoa beans from trucks, big bags or jute bags. Feeding hoppers, transport systems and storage silos can all be tailor-made to suit the customer requirements, building conditions and line capacity demands.
The reliable and efficient cleaning machines remove foreign material, such as wooden particles, clusters, strings, sand and dust from the cocoa beans. This is achieved using an air-flowed vibration sieve with special netting. The product can be classified according its specific weight. All operations can be readily monitored.
The bean cleaning system can be used for the cleaning of cocoa beans, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds etcetera. The vibrating screens are used for separation of oversize and sand, including permanent magnetic bar.

Technical Data

Flow rate capacities can vary from 1 to 6 metric tons per hour for fine cleaning. In the course cleaning phase, much higher capacities can be reached, up to 40 metric tons per hour. Last situation is for example required to unload a truck within a short period of time (less than 1 hour).

TypesCapacities [kg / hr]
Cleaning machine type CL1500 – 4.000
Cleaning machine type CL24.000 – 6.000
Cleaning machine type CL36.000 – 10.000
Cleaning machine type CL410.000 – 15.000
Cleaning machine type CL515.000 – 22.000
Cleaning machine type CL625.000 – 40.000


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