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  • Capacities [kg / hr]: from 500 to 1500

Designed to achieve in the shortest possible time the best preparation and conditioning of the cocoa mass to be pressed.
An unmatched system combining four special profiled breakwaters with a break flow cone and an inclined axis – helicoidally shaped – power dispersing unit in order to avoid any cavitation. It ensures a perfect product homogenization reducing the time by 35%, essential aspect to the new productive necessities.
Totally built in stainless steel, the homogenizer is assembled on special load cells which occupy a position in line with the barycenter of the tank in order to avoid any vibration of the load cells and achieving so precise weighing values.
The steam inlet, on its upper part, makes easy the connection with the equipment by means of flanged fastening. An electro-valve, controlled by a temperature probe and by the electric panel, checks precisely the cocoa liquor heating temperature.
All connections are on-board and linked in the junction box.

Technical Data

Capacities [kg / hr]:from 500  to 1500


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