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Hydraulic Oil Press LYK

Product Description

Input material: granular and powdery solid

Press range:

·Chemical raw materials and other raw materials that need to be squeezed to achieve solid-liquid separation:durene, industrial naphthalene, chemical fragrances and other chemical raw materials and other raw materials that need to be separated from solid and liquid by physical means.

·Medicines, pesticides and intermediates that require solid-liquid separation by low-temperature cold pressing.

Technical advantages:

·PLC intelligent electrical automation design, “one-key operation” can be realized after manual loading is completed.Automatically push-pull cylinder advances, mold clamping cylinder rises, master cylinder rises to press oil out, automatic pressure maintenance, supplementary pressure, after the completion of pressure holding time (pressure holding time can be set), automatic mold opening, automatic push-pull cylinder return, automatic main the cylinder rises, the discharge is completed, and the equipment stops automatically.The degree of automation is greatly improved, one person can operate 2-3 pieces of equipment, improving production efficiency.

·Press ring precision rod charging structure:The oil is pressed more smoothly and the oil yield is improved. The inner wall of the barrel is smooth, improving the utilization rate of filter cloth.

·The hydraulic system is improved from the previous plate valve and pipe valve hydraulic system to the domestic advanced hydraulic integrated valve system,It has the advantages of good sealing, small pressure loss, strong passing capacity (large flow), low failure rate, and convenient maintenance.

·The pre-pressing cylinder is added, and the pre-pressing cylinder is equipped with 4 guide columns, which improves the life of the pre-pressing cylinder on the premise of increasing the loading amount through pre-pressing.The push-pull cylinder is added to realize the automatic opening and closing of the top cover.Increased automation.

·The hydraulic main cylinder adopts a telescopic secondary cylinder, and the rise and fall of the cylinder are realized by the pressure of the pump.

Adopting the design of dual-motor combined hydraulic pump, the low-pressure movement speed of the main oil cylinder is accelerated, and the rapid rise is realized, thereby shortening the low-pressure extrusion time. From charging to pressing, it only takes 30-50 minutes according to different processes in different regions. Efficiency is greatly improved.

·The explosion-proof terminal box and explosion-proof threading pipe are added to the hydraulic station. On the premise that the wiring of the hydraulic station is clean and beautiful, the on-site safety is greatly improved.

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