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Cocoa Roasting

  • S5 Capacities [kg / hr]: 500 – 1.000
  • S6 Capacities [kg / hr]: 1.000 – 1.400
  • S7 Capacities [kg / hr]: 1.400 – 2.100
  • S8 Capacities [kg / hr]: 2.100 – 2.900
  • S9 Capacities [kg / hr]: 2.900 – 4.000

Continuous Bean Roaster for natural dry-roasting of cocoa beans, nuts and seeds  
Drying of the product (moisture content < 1,5%)
Low air-temperatures, extremely gentle treatment of product
Air heating via heat exchanger with steam or fuel-burner
Air passes counter-flow wise through each layer with optimal distribution for uniform roasting
Easy cleaning
Limited floor-space required (footprint)
Adjustable to any kind type and origin of cocoa bean, nuts and seeds


Introduce the finest natural cocoa liquor ever produced for further chocolate processing. To achieve the highest quality cocoa liquor, it is essential to roast whole cocoa beans, properly separate the cocoa shells and grind to the finest liquor. Our continuous bean roasters have many advantages compared to other bean roasting systems. The beans pass through the roaster by gravity and are held in layers; during each cycle one small batch is dropping to the next level. Hot air passes through each permeable layer from bottom to top. In this way, each bean receives the desired amount of hot air and the same treatment, allowing every bean to be equally roasted. Bean roasting guarantees that the flavors are retained inside the nib / kernels. At the same time, the shell protects the nib against over-roasting and is easily removable afterwards.

This bean roasting method prevents butter migrating from the nib to the shell. In chocolate processing,
bean roasting is considered the favorite method. In the continuous bean roasting approach, winnowing
is performed after roasting. Before winnowing a separate sterilization-step is incorporated.

Technical Data
TypesCapacities [kg / hr]
Roaster type KRC-S5500 – 1.000
Roaster type KRC-S71.000 – 1.400
Roaster type KRE-S61.400 – 2.100
Roaster type KRE-S82.100 – 2.900
Roaster type KRE-S122.900 – 4.000


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