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Weifang Automatic hydraulic oil press service cases

Equipment type: YZL-300
Application area: Sesame Press
Project Location: Weifang City, Shandong Province
Project capacity: 7 sets ,16000kg/24h

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Project introduction

Weifang automatic hydraulic oil press service cases

Features of YZL Hydraulic Oil Press from CHOCOMACH

1. Increase the number of oil lines, the oil output rate is higher, the gap of the oil line is reduced, the oil output is clearer, and the impurities are less.

2. Ultra-high pressure three-plunger oil pump, the maximum pressure of the system can reach 70MPa, the design of the enlarged oil tank has high pressure, high temperature resistance, and can work continuously for 24 hours.

3. The hydraulic oillevel is precisely controlled, and the cake is automatically stopped when the cake is released, preventing the plunger of the oil cylinder from being detached from the cylinder, and the hydraulic oil will pollute the grease.

4. The oil return pipe is made of stainless steel wire hose, which is not easy to break due to aging.

5. The material cylinder is equipped with dual heating and dual temperature control systems, with faster heating and smoother oil output.

6. The sunken and thickened bottom plate has a higher safety factor, reduces the height of the whole machine, and is easy to operate.

7. The core components are all processed by advanced CNC machining centers with higher precision.

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