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Cocoa press for hydraulic cold oil press machiner service case

Equipment type: YZYW50-8
Application area: Fine chemical industry
Project Location: Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province
Project capacity: 4 sets ,86400kg/24h

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Project introduction

Four sets of solid-liquid separation systems of full-automatic hydraulic oil presses ordered by an enterprise in Lianyungang, Jiangsu

In recent years, the market demand for methanylene has been increasing rapidly. It is mainly used to produce methanetetracarboxylic anhydride, which is further processed into polyimide, a new high temperature resistant engineering plastic. Polyimide is a kind of high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, impact resistance and excellent electrical and mechanical properties of the new synthetic material, can be made into film, fiber, impregnated paint, foam, etc. A large number of polyimide film is mainly used as F.H grade insulation material, used in motor manufacturing industry, can make the motor small size, light weight, can run at a higher temperature for a long time, It is frequently started in harsh environment, and is also used in aerospace, missile, supersonic aircraft, atomic energy industry and electromechanical industry and other cutting-edge fields. In addition, homotetratoluene can also be used as intermediates in medicine and dyes. The advanced aromatic solvent oil produced byproducts in the production process is widely used in pesticide, light industry, machinery and other industries.

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