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Automatic hydraulic oil press service cases oil press 03

Equipment type: YZYW50-8
Application area: Fine chemical industry
Project Location: Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Project capacity: 2 sets ,46000kg/24h

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Project introduction

This video shows the successful case of the hydraulic oil press produced by CHOCOMACH in the application of durene. After multiple processes, the distillate enriched liquid is frozen and crystallized, and the plunger pump feeds the material  presses and filters the oil  squeezes the oil  maintains pressure and replenishes pressure  resets the mold and opens  discharges the cake and removes  resets the mold and closes  transfers the cake  Reciprocating and working continuously for 24 hours to realize the separation of solid and liquid, and finally obtain durene solid powder.(hydraulic oil press,cocoa butter press,oil press machine)

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