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Founded in 2018, Luoyang Zhaoge Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a "high-tech enterprise" (Certificate No.: gr202041000826) specializing in energy-saving and environmental protection technology, hydraulic technology and solid-liquid separation technology development, technology transfer and technical consultation, relying on the technical research and development advantages, talent advantages, customer resources and industrial precipitation of Henan Ruyang hydraulic machinery factory established in 1958, It is the "Luoyang solid-liquid separation hydraulic machine enterprise research and development center" (Certificate No.: 202009036), and won the recognition of "the first set of major technical equipment in Henan Province" and "Luoyang specialized, special and new small and medium-sized enterprises".

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Strong technical research and manufacturing capacity

Choco company relies on strong technical research and development capabilities, advanced processing and manufacturing capabilities, extensive customer resources, good customer reputation,and professionalism and focus on solid-liquid separation in the oil industry and chemical industry.

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 +86 199 3799 5959