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March 25, 2024


Cocoa-bean, a rich and aromatic seed, is the essence of chocolate's delectable flavor. Its processing begins with the Cocoa Press, a machine that gently extracts the precious Cocoa Butter, leaving a rich paste known as Cocoa Cake. This butter, with its velvety texture and rich aroma, is a crucial ingredient in chocolate products, conferring them their velvety smoothness and rich taste.

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click on the image above to view a video of CHOCOMACH'S COCOA PRESS YZL/6YY oil press video 

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Put the Cocoa Liquor into the Filter Bag_CHOCOMACH COCOA PRESS YZL/6YY oil press video 

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Put the Cocoa Liquor into the Hydraulic Press_CHOCOMACH COCOA PRESS YZL/6YY oil press video 

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pressing cocoa butter_CHOCOMACH COCOA PRESS YZL/6YY oil press video 

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cocoa butter_CHOCOMACH COCOA PRESS YZL/6YY oil press video 

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cocoa cake_CHOCOMACH COCOA PRESS YZL/6YY oil press video 

The Cocoa Butter Press, another vital piece of equipment, is used to extract even more Cocoa Butter from the Cocoa Cake, ensuring maximum utilization of the bean's rich contents. Hydraulic Oil Presses, on the other hand, are used to extract oil from various seeds and nuts, similar to the Cocoa Bean, but with their own unique properties.

The Chocolate Product Processing Equipment takes these raw materials and transforms them into delicious chocolate treats. Cocoa Powder, a fine powder made from roasted and ground Cocoa Beans, is a key component in these products, providing them with their characteristic brown color and chocolatey taste.

Spread Chocolate Products, such as chocolate spreads and coatings, are created using these processed ingredients, offering consumers a convenient and versatile way to enjoy chocolate's rich flavor. The entire process, from bean to bar, is a testament to the art and science of chocolate-making, ensuring that every chocolate product is a delicious indulgence.

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