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How to use CHOCOMACH's oil press with PLC screen?


June 24, 2024


Advantages of YZL Automatic Hydraulic Oil Press From CHOCOMACH

1. Digital display pressure gauge, pressure control is more accurate and reliable.

2. PLC touch screen control, self-adjusting rising/holding pressure and time according to different materials, self-designed pressing curve, precise control.

3. After the material loading is completed, one-button start, automatic boosting, automatic oil output, automatic opening of the cover after pressing, automatic rise of the oil cylinder plunger, automatic stop after the material cake is ejected, and automatic fall after manual cake removal. It solves the problem that the plunger is out of the cylinder due to manual carelessness during the discharge process of the traditional hydraulic oil press.


click on the image above to view a video of CHOCOMACH YZL/6YY oil press with PLC screen video 

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