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How to make satisfying original sesame oil?


July 05, 2024


What is sesame oil?

Sesame oil (also called teal oil, benne oil, gingili, teel oil) is a kind of seasoning in our daily life. 

There are three productive technologies: ground sesame seed oil, machine-processed sesame seed oil, common sesame oil.

Features of Hydraulic Oil Press (specialized in sesame oil)

1. Widely application: a better machine for pressing oil seeds, sesame, walnut kernels, tea seeds, almonds, pine nuts, etc. especially sesame.

2. Low energy consumption and little maintenance cost.

3. High oil yield, especially for sesame oil.

4. One pressing process needs only 20-30 minutes for low fat sesame residual.


click on the image above to see making oil video of YZYW oil press  

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