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how to make satisfying coconut oil by hydraulic oil press machine


May 18, 2024


Delicious ways to eat cold pressed coconut oil

1. Use it directly as cooking oil for cooking. Recommended for scrambled eggs, fried salmon and other meat dishes.

2. In summer, refrigerate it in an ice tray, make small ice cubes, and hold it directly in your mouth.

3. Pour some into the yogurt. The coconut oil will solidify when cold and turn into a layer of crispy flakes, giving the yogurt a unique flavor.

4. You can add butter to black coffee and stir thoroughly with a high-speed blender to create a cup of coconut-flavored bulletproof coffee.

5. Coconut oil and vinegar sauce are suitable for mixing vegetable salads

6. Use cold-pressed coconut oil when baking, which is fragrant, healthy and delicious.


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